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Look for where to buy a puppy Alabai or puppy podroschennogo Asian, or is no longer a puppy and adult dog – look for us! We can buy puppies from CAO titled parents with stable psyche, and excellent working qualities. Our puppies have a full set of documents – pedigree RKF, brand, vetpasport. If you want to buy a puppy Alabai in our kennel – we are always happy to assist in raising and breeding puppies – do not leave their (so to say, “life support”).
To date, we have sold puppies – puppies Alabai

At this point, all puppies are sold – waiting for the next! Sale podroschennaya bitch 1.5 years (expensive) – the rest have already found their owners. ! All puppies and dogs in our kennel – only those that are represented in the photo, the site is updated regularly. We expect the birth of new puppies Alabai 2 months

Alabai, a Turkmen wolfhound, Asian, CAO – it’s the name of one breed – the Central Asian Shepherd Dog.
Asians better – maybe only two Asians!

Sale podroschennaya bitch 1.5 years from Saxony and Fatona Irche. Excellent exterior, scissors bite, the growth of 65cm (even older), a well brought up. Already protected (and trying to herd goats). Perspective for showing and breeding.

In general, you can buy Alabai with us (or us) – the main thing that it was a purebred dog and more importantly – do not forget that you bought is not signaling (which set it and forget about it) – a creature that requires attention , time, long walks, early education and proper care!

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